A Fake Artist Goes To New York

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A drawing game for everyone!

Everyone is drawing one picture together...and one
 doesn't even know what they draw. There is a fake artist hiding among
 the real artists - can you find out who it is? The fake artist has to be
 careful not to be identified and the real artists have to be careful
 not to make it too easy for the deceiver. 

Drawing and concluding

"A Fake Artist Goes To New York" is a game for 5 - 10
players. You have to draw and to conclude. Trying to conclude something
while drawing is not as easy as you think...!

Here's the game roughly explained:


Everyone tries to draw what the game master wrote on
their cards, but are only allowed to draw one line each (If the topic is
"cat", you could draw an ear or a whisker, so that the others know you
know the topic).


There is one fake artist among the players who doesn't know the topic and draws a line randomly.


All players can draw two lines all in all and then have to decide who the fake artist is.


If the fake artist gets the most votes, he loses.


If he doesn't get the most votes, he and the game master win the game.

Now you might think it is extremely easy to find out who the fake artist is, but there is one more rule.


Even if the fake artist got the most votes, he can
still guess the topic of the picture everyone drew and win if he guesses

Knowing this rule it becomes much more difficult for
the real artists to draw their lines, because they want to show the
other artists that they know the topic of the picture, but don't want to
be too obvious in front of the fake artist.

...so the picture becomes a crazy mess!

The game master always tells the category of the current topic. The
category for "Tomato" could be "Something red". The category for
"Zombie" could be "Monster". The fake artist also hears the category,
so, if you draw too well, you make it easier for the fake artist to
guess the topic in the end. 

What you will find in the compact little box are 10 color pens, one white board marker, cards and paper!

You can write on the 10 colorful cards as many times
as you want with the board marker and wipe everything away afterwards.
The paper pad has 100 pages and even if you use it up, you can just take
normal paper afterwards.