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Star Wars Legion: AT-RT Unit

240 kr

The Rebel Alliance is constantly outgunned in their war against the

Empire. Since they cannot hope to match the awe-inspiring military

production of a galaxy-spanning Empire, the Rebellion has turned to

salvage in order to supplement their forces—such as with the AT-RTs.

First introduced by the Republic during the Clone War, the All Terrain

Recon Transport, or AT-RT, has since been co-opted by the Rebel Alliance

to aid their war against the Empire.

The AT-RT Unit Expansion includes a single new AT-RT
miniature for you to add to your Rebel army, complete with three
different gun attachments that can be attached to your miniature. Along
with the AT-RT, you’ll find the associated unit card and an assortment
of upgrade cards for you to enhance your AT-RT and other units.