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Star Wars Legion: T-47 Airspeeder

275 kr

When the Rebel Alliance first landed on Hoth, they found a cold and

inhospitable planet—ill-suited to supporting life of any kind, much less

hosting the secret base of a full-scale rebellion against the Galactic

Empire. Still, the Rebellion survived, adapting their strategies,

tactics, and equipment to deal with the oppressive environment. A

crucial part of their survival was tinkering with their airspeeders to

withstand the killing cold of Hoth. Soon, you’ll be able to outfit your

Rebels with the same speeders!

You may be battling the Empire on the frozen wastes of Hoth, or you
may be fighting on the surface of any other planet, across the thousands
of planets that make up the galaxy. No matter where you are, there’s
always good reason for you to get a little air superiority. The T-47 Airspeeder Unit Expansion for Star Wars™:
Legion adds one T-47 airspeeder miniature to your Rebel armies. Along
with the beautifully sculpted, unpainted miniature, you’ll find all the
unit cards and upgrade cards that you need to make the T-47 airspeeder a
crucial part of your battle for freedom.