X-Wing 2nd Edition: Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit

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From the blazingly fast A-wing to the iconic Millennium Falcon, the Rebel Alliance fielded a great number of starships during the interstellar battles of the Galactic Civil War. Between the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit and the extensive catalog of first edition expansions, these ships are available to join your squadron from day one.

Within this conversion kit, veteran players will find all of the
components necessary to upgrade their existing Rebel ship collection
from the first edition of X-Wing to the second edition. The
conversion kit contains a vast array of new ship cards and tokens,
including iconic pilots such as Han Solo, alongside more than
one-hundred upgrade cards that give you the power to customize your
squad to fit your playstyle. Finally, the conversion kit also includes
the second edition maneuver dials for each ship, which makes planning
your actions easier than ever before.