Arkham Horror CG: In the Clutches of Chaos Mythos Pack

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In the Clutches of Chaos is the fifth Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

After your fateful investigation in Union and Disillusion,  the state of the city continues to decay. Breaches in reality begin to  rip through the fabric of the Earth, and a faint melody of discordant  pipes can be heard throughout the streets of Arkham. Frightened citizens  have sealed themselves in their homes, yet you continue to patrol the  streets, desperate for some solution to end the chaos.

In In the Clutches of Chaos, doom does not accrue at the  usual rate. Instead, breaches are made at various locations, marked by  resource tokens. When enough breaches have been made a single location,  an incursion occurs. An incursion adds doom to its location and causes  the breaches to spread, opening rifts in reality at connecting  locations. Your goal is to prevent incursions by removing the breaches  that cause them, but this can only be done by activating the action  abilities on each location. If you do not maintain control over the  breaches, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with Arkham falling  into madness. You cannot allow that to happen!