Arkham Horror CG - Murder at the Excelsior Hotel

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I have answers.
Room 225. Tonight. Come alone.
They’re watching.

After reports of strange occurrences at Arkham’s most prestigious  hotel reach your ears, you are summoned to the location by a mysterious  note. You are just beginning to properly conduct your investigation when  you suddenly black out. Once you come to, you find yourself standing  over a man’s body. Multiple stab wounds perforate his chest and blood  covers the floor. What the hell happened? And why can’t you remember a  thing? Now as the authorities are on your tail, it is up to your team of  investigators to solve the murder and clear your name before you are  thrown in prison for the rest of your life. Can you figure out the truth  behind this grisly murder? Or will you be the next victim?

Investigators must solve the Murder at the Excelsior Hotel in this special scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.  With the clock ticking and danger around every corner, can you figure  out the truth before time runs out? This scenario can be played as a  standalone scenario, or inserted into a campaign as a side-story. 

This is not a standalone product. A Copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set is required to play.