Kopia Marvel Champions CG: Green Goblin Scenario Pack

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To many citizens of the Marvel Universe, Norman Osborn is an  eccentric billionaire. A man who has put his demons behind him. The  truth of the matter is Norman Osborn is always teetering on the brink of  a relapse into the villainous Green Goblin. With advanced technology,  superhuman strength, and regenerative healing, the Green Goblin is one  of the Marvel Universe’s most frightening villains, and a longtime  nemesis to Spider-Man.

But Norman Osborn rarely makes public appearances as the Goblin. As  one of the richest men in the world, Osborn himself is virtually  untouchable, making his human just as effective as the sadistic goblin.  Can any team of heroes truly stand up to the might of Norman Osborn and  the Green Goblin?

Continue your adventures in the Marvel Universe with The Green Goblin Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!  This 78-Card pack introduces two new scenarios and four modular  encounter sets showcasing the devious Norman Osborn and his sadistic  alter-ego, the Green Goblin.