Freedom: The Underground Railroad

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Freedom - The Underground Railroad is an engaging cooperative game for

one to four players about a pivotal time in American history. Players

assume the roles of important historical Abolitionist characters

attempting to help slaves move from Southern States to freedom in Canada

while avoiding the slave catchers dedicated to taking away their

freedom during the early 1800’s thru the Civil War.

During the game, players need to work together in an effort to achieve

two victory conditions. First, the players need to raise the strength of

the Abolitionist movement through the acquisition of Support Tokens.

Next, the players also need to help Slaves escape from the plantations

in the south, moving them north to freedom in Canada while avoiding the

Slave Catchers that are roaming the board. If the players are able to

achieve both conditions before the end of the game, they win. Of course

this is not going to be easy, but through careful planning and strategy,

the group can recreate history, helping to bring down the institution

of slavery.

The game board consists of two sections. The map on the right features

the paths available to both escaping slaves as well as the Slave

Catchers who roam the board. The North Star Newspaper on the left, holds

the resources available to the players during the game, including

Abolitionist Cards that feature key historical figures and events.

The game is played over eight rounds, covering the years of early

independence up until the end of the Civil War. During the game, players

must progress through three time Periods: 1800-1839,1840-1859 and

1860-1865. Each period holds resources that the players attempt to

unlock during play. These resources include new Support, Conductor, and

Fundraising Tokens, as well as Abolitionist Cards that restock the

Abolitionist Queue.

The players must move Slaves to freedom in Canada, which is achieved

through the use of Conductor Tokens, Abolitionist Cards, and Player

Roles. Only the tokens in the periods you have activated are available

for purchase. Each token can only be used once and are depleted quickly!

If players do not advance in a timely manner into the next period by

purchasing all of the current period's Support Tokens, the Conductor

Tokens run out and Slave movement along the Underground Railroad grinds

to a halt.

Additionally working against the players are Slave Catchers that

constantly react to Slaves that move onto their paths. This can hamper a

player's movement options and can even result in Slaves being captured

and sent back to the Slave Markets!

Even with the best laid out plans, a Slave Catcher can make an

unexpected move once per round. This movement is determined by a dice


This unique Slave Catcher system creates tension in the game, since

players need to move Slaves out of the southern plantations and into

Canada before the Slave Markets deliver more Slaves into the Plantations

at the end of each round. If there are not enough open spaces in the

Plantations to accommodate the new influx of Slaves, the excess Slaves

are placed into the Slaves Lost Track. If this is completely filled,

then the players lose the game.

Freedom is a challenging cooperative game that will keep you and up to three of your friends playing over and over again.