Krosmaster Quest

780 kr

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Gather your heroes and depart on your quest! Krosmaster Quest is an all

new adventure set in the Krosmaster universe. Heroes will work together

to defeat villains and try to achieve their own unique quest goals.

Designed for 2 to 6 players, take control of a Krosmaster and develop

them in a modular world where each adventure is different!


monsters, win money, choose your allies and enemies, increase your

power, and prove to the Demon that YOU are the rightful king of the


The box includes seven new Krosmaster figures with character

cards (two exclusive), more than 600 pieces, 16 terrain parts (which can

be used in Arena), more than 40 settings, and 6 special dice.

Can be played as a full cooperative game or a competitive game,

depending on what you want. As a cooperative game, players work together

against one player acting as the Demon. As a competitive game, each

player tries to get as many treasures as possible on the board.

Krosmaster Quest comes with its own Heroes but is completely compatible

with previously released heroes from the Krosmaster franchise! So you

are free to play with any Hero you like!

Players: 2 - 6

Ages: 12+

Playing Time: 60 minutes

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