Legacy of Dragonholt

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I write to you because I fear something
 sinister is at work here in Dragonholt, and I require your assistance. I
 dare not say more openly, as I think it likely this message will be
 intercepted. I can trust no one here to help me with this matter; after
 that business in Nerekhall I have only you and a small handful of allies

 Please help me. There is more at stake here than you know.


After receiving an unexpected message from an old friend, you find
yourself pulled from a newly peaceful life and back into the harrowing
adventures you thought you had left behind. You do not know what
obstacles await you, but you know that if you choose to answer your
friend’s plea, you will not be the same when you return.

Players: 1 - 6

Ages: 14+

Playing Time: 60 + minutes

 of Dragonholt 
is a narrative adventure game that creates a unique experience by
blending aspects of roleplaying and adventure games, open world concept video
games, and even Choose Your Own Adventure books. Unlike many games, Legacy of
Dragonholt is not about winning or losing, but rather about the act of creating
a story. Without the need for a Game Master, this game ensures that every
player has the opportunity to shape how their adventure plays out while its
intuitive gameplay means that you waste little time before jumping into your

you first set out on your adventure, you must confront one of the most
difficult questions in gaming: who will you become? Legacy of Dragonholt gives
you the opportunity to play as one of six humanoid races that reside in
Terrinoth: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, gnomes, and catfolk. Next, you'll
select a class, before defining your physical and personality traits, and
scribing a personal history. Each of these features creates a multifaceted
character and defines the types of traits you possess, which in turn affect how
you will approach obstacles throughout your journey and how you'll contribute
to your party. Once you've created your own unique character, you're ready to
dive in to a narrative adventure unlike any you’ve seen before.

Once your
journey begins, Legacy of Dragonholt combines two forms of gameplay between the
comprehensive Village Book and the six quest books that provide the plotlines
of your tales. Within Dragonholt Village, you will encounter many colorful
characters, each with their own stories that progress and interweave regardless
of your involvement. The world is yours to explore, but it is not yours to
control. The places you can explore vary depending on when you visit, and your
encounters with the locals change depending on your traits and past
experiences. For instance, a bakery may only be open early in the day, and the
baker themselves may take a shine to you if you’ve already met their cousin, or
if they’ve heard of the great deeds you’ve accomplished earlier in your stay in
the village.

the relative safety of the village, thrilling dangers and mysteries await that
you can experience in six unique quests. You will investigate strange
happenings within in the village and venture into the wilds beyond to journey
through deep woods, delve into dark crypts, and confront creatures long thought
dead. As you progress throughout the game you will find that, like your village
experience, your quests also change based on your past experience, who you have
or have not met, and how much time has passed. After all, if you learn that
someone is in peril to the west of Dragonholt Village, they are not likely to
wait patiently for three days while you explore in the east. Your actions have
consequences, but ultimately the choice lies with you. You do not have to be a
hero. This is your story, and it is yours to define.