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Pandemic: 10th Anniversary Edition

900 kr
Pandemic is a cooperative game of teamwork where an elite
disease control team must keep four deadly diseases at bay. Each team
member will have a specific ability. The Scientist, for example, only
needs four cards of the same color to cure a disease, and the Quarantine
Specialist can stop disease outbreaks in their city and the connected
cities. With large ID cards and plastic figures, this special
anniversary edition of the game will fully immerse you in your
character’s role to save humanity.

With diseases cropping up all over the planet, Pandemic takes
place on a global scale. A large world map and new art with a vintage
aesthetic make this classic game shine. Use your actions strategically
to travel around the world, treat diseases, and set up a network of
research stations. The clock is ticking as outbreaks and epidemics
spread and intensify the diseases. It will take clear communication and
precise planning for your team to avert the disaster.

Can you save

Players: 2 – 4

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 45 mins

BGG page: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30549/pandemic