Rise of the Necromancers

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Are you evil? Maybe just a little?

Then unleash your most wretched forces and seize power! To become the
Necromancer King, you have to master dark magic, raise an army of
undead minions, explore festering dungeons, and research ancient
artifacts and spells.

Rise of the Necromancers is an evil strategy game for 2-5 players, in which each player controls a Necromancer struggling for absolute dominance. Rise of the Necromancers
is based on a classic fantasy narrative with character development as
well as territorial strategy. The objective of the game is to develop
your Necromancer and take control of the lands. Each player starts out
as an aspiring Necromancer who can study spells, craft artifacts and
eventually graduate from one of four academies. In time, your
Necromancer can attract their own apprentice and assemble an undead army
of minions to rule the lands.

Your Necromancer can venture into dungeons where they will encounter
wonders and dangerous creatures — and perhaps meet new companions. In
the end, your Necromancer might be able to return to their academy and
become Headmaster — or even seize the foulest of thrones as the
Necromancer King.

Each player moves their miniature Necromancer around the game board
to gather resources, spells and artifacts, enter dungeons, battle cities
and fight rival Necromancers. Throughout the game, Necromancers can
increase their combat and movement abilities as they amass their armies.
A Necromancer's minions can also be left behind to protect conquered
cities and dungeons.

In addition to the game's territorial component, the players compete
in collecting spells, artifacts and minions affiliated with the four
academies. Enough elements of the same color can make you Headmaster of
an academy. The game has a varying starting set-up, so no two games are
ever the same.

BGG page: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/227002/rise-necromancers