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This War of Mine: The Board Game

625 kr

This War of Mine: The Board Game is a cooperative game about

surviving in a war-ravaged city for 1-6 players by the well know

designers Michał Oracz and Jakub Wiśniewski based on the gripping

survival game This War of Mine by 11bit studios In this

breathtaking experience players will have to resolve many deeply

emotional situations, which are provided by the unique book of scripts –

an entirely new way to introduce storytelling and RPG elements into a

board game. The brutal realism of This War of Mine: The Board Game

is further enhanced by managing the shelter – a ruined building where

the players are hiding. You will have to craft new, useful things,

search through the rabble or even dig into the collapsed cellar. It is

completely up to the players, how they will use their resources and what

parts of the city they will explore. Will you survive the war?

Game Overview

This War of Mine: The Board Game
is a game with a strong focus on the narrative and player decisions.
The gameplay is divided into in game days, during which players are
designing their survivors to various tasks. The food and water supplies
are sparse, there’s no basic furniture and the shelter is a collapsed
ruin – so players have to choose their actions very carefully. Each
encounter offers something new and players’ choices may have a long
lasting consequences for the rest of the game.

Open and play

Unlike the other games, This War of Mine: The Board Game
explains the rules to the players while they are playing. There is no
need to know the rulebook by heart – the rules are introduced with every
passing turn. The board is intuitive and all the cards tell the players
exactly what they can do and what choices do they have. Moreover, there
is a book of scripts, which hold hundreds of narrative excerpts,
describing the characters’ journey.

Reality impact

Players work together to survive in a
war-torn city. This means, that they are all responsible for the choices
made. If there is a disagreement between the players, the current
Journal-holder decides. In this experience players as a group are
responsible for all the characters – it is a true cooperation, rarely
seen in the other games. What is more, many decisions have an effect on
the game in the in-game days to come. The game itself remembers the
options that the players chose and puts them in front of them in the
least expected moment.

The lasting experience

This War of Mine: The Board Game can be a
very long game, full of strong emotions and shocking experiences. That
is why the save game system was implemented. It is still possible to
plunge into the game and experience the full story in one session.
However, if the players would rather prefer shorter sessions, they can
easily return to the game at a later time, starting exactly where they
left, thanks to the save game mechanism.

Players: 1 - 6

Ages: 14+

Playing Time: 45 - 120 minutes

BGG page: www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/188920/war-mine-board-game