Western Legends

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Western Legends puts you in the saddle as one of many historic figures from the American West. Choose your own path to victory in a wide open, sandbox experience  where you can play the life of a wanted criminal or become a legendary  marshal! Or simply choose to remain neutral and mix your play style  earning victory from your skill at poker, gold prospecting, cattle  wrangling, or a completely legal duel at High-Noon!

Featuring a highly interactive, narrative experience Western Legends allows you to play as you like and change your strategy on the fly to  react to other players and the game state. Each game tells a story told  by the players at the table. How will you be remembered?

Players: 2-6
Time: 90 minutes
Age: 14+

BGG page: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/232405/western-legends

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