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U.G. SupremeAmerican Board Game Sleeves (60)

30 kr

Card Sleeves for Standard American Board Game Cards (60)

pack contains 60 high quality sleeves for standard-sized American board
game cards used in games like Citadels™, Munchkin™, Descent: Journeys
in the Dark™, War of the Ring™, Bohnanza™, and more.

 high clearness
The extra high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image
quality with unaltered contrast and colors.


No PVC This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and
therefore ideal for collectible cards.

 professional gameplay
Low reflective surface and no holographic logos. Ideal
for tournament use.

 fitting and size

Optimal fitted sleeves for a safe handling and a great
playability of your cards.

 bent corners and scratches
Keeps your most valued cards in a mint condition to
preserve their value and usability. 

 playability and lifetime
The extra durable material prolongs the lifetime of
your cards and keeps them playable, even during heavy use.